Whatcom Museum – Modern Quilts

Whatcom Museum in Bellingham had a travelling exhibit of quilts from the Modern Quilt Guild (MQG). The exhibit showed about 60 quilts that were made by past and current MQG members. The MQG has more than 12,000 members across six continents and 39 countries. Support for this exhibit was provided by the Pacific Northwest Quilt and Fiber Arts Museum.

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Modern Quilt Showcase 2018 – A Vancouver Modern Quilt Guild Show

Modern Quilt Showcase 2018The Vancouver Modern Quilt Guild recently held their second biennial show, Modern Quilt Showcase, at The Pipe Shop venue in North Vancouver, B.C.  The Vancouver Modern Quilt Guild is eight years old, with about 120 members, and is part of the worldwide modern quilting movement.

The quilts in Modern Quilt Showcase 2018 were colourful and innovative, utilizing many different stitching techniques, but perhaps most importantly, they represented the originality and self-expression of their creators.

What is a modern quilt?  Besides being fresh and non-traditional, this question is open to ongoing debate and discussion among quiltmakers.  From the VMQG website, and as demonstrated by the quilts shown in the gallery below, some of the characteristics of “modern quilts” are: Continue reading “Modern Quilt Showcase 2018 – A Vancouver Modern Quilt Guild Show”

Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show, Oregon

From Moira …

“I was in Sisters, Oregon, for the Outdoor Quilt Show July 14.  It was very hot but worth the two hours walking around.  My husband even walked with me.

There were quilts from Campbell River and Comox on display.  They also did fabric postcards.  Special ones were auctioned and others sold for a set price.”

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“BeDazzled” – A Parksville Quilt Show

Quilting is alive and well on Vancouver Island, as I discovered on a recent visit to “BeDazzled,” a quilt show presented by the Parksville Quilt House Quilters’ Guild.

As I entered the venue, I could see right away that this was a really big show!  The guild has over 300 members and was registered in 1981 as the first guild on Vancouver Island.  It was interesting to learn that their early meetings were held in a “quilt house” built in a backyard, which led to the name of the guild. Continue reading ““BeDazzled” – A Parksville Quilt Show”

Quilts Bloom at the Lions Gate Quilters’ Guild Show

Lions Gate Quilters' Guild Show 2018Here are a few images from the Lions Gate Quilters’ Guild Show held recently at Capilano University in North Vancouver.  On the day I was there, there were many quilters in attendance, but also, as one visitor told me, people who just like to look at quilts!  A husband offered praise for his wife’s quilts, and I overheard people talking in awe about the talent and skill of the quiltmakers. Continue reading “Quilts Bloom at the Lions Gate Quilters’ Guild Show”

A Visit to Quilt Canada 2018

Quilters gathered in Vancouver today at the opening of Quilt Canada 2018, a national show organized by the Canadian Quilters’ Association.  The three-day event is in the West Building of the Vancouver Convention Centre and showcases the work of quiltmakers from across Canada.

Quilts ranged from traditional to modern in style, and represented a variety of themes and techniques, as you can see in the pictures below … Continue reading “A Visit to Quilt Canada 2018”

Langley Quilters’ Guild Show: The Threads That Bind Us

Kudos to Langley Quilters’ Guild members! What a wonderful show you put on this year! There was so much inspiration to be had, and of course a goodly number of shopping opportunities, too! Oh, and raffle prizes galore to be won (not by me, sadly, not a one!).

I ran into a number of Seymour members at the show, and I think it’s fair to say we were a little stumped as to how to pick a favourite quilt and vote… there were so many amazing pieces of so many different styles, it really was impossible to choose just one. At the time of posting, there were no results on their website as yet, but I’m guessing if you keep a look out, you may see the winners posted in the near future.

For those who didn’t get there, here are some pics taken by myself and Linda D (thanks, Linda).

City of Gardens Quilt Show – Victoria Quilters’ Guild

Victoria Quilters' Guild City of Gardens Quilt Show 2018From Linda D … Last Friday I attended the Victoria Quilters’ Guild’s show in Victoria.  Just crossing the Strait of Juan de Fuca to Victoria was a lovely mini holiday!  The sunny weather was fabulous, all the flowers and shrubs were in bloom, and the promise of summer was just around the corner.  Then of course, there was the ‘CITY OF GARDENS’ QUILT SHOW!

There were 250 quilts displayed, live music, interesting demonstrations, a ticketed ‘auction’ of sewing related items (including a $$$ machine!), a selection of quilts from the ‘youth’ quilters, guild competition challenge, a vast amount of quilted art postcards for the CQA show and a HUGE ‘member market’. Continue reading “City of Gardens Quilt Show – Victoria Quilters’ Guild”