Langley Quilters’ Guild Show: The Threads That Bind Us

Kudos to Langley Quilters’ Guild members! What a wonderful show you put on this year! There was so much inspiration to be had, and of course a goodly number of shopping opportunities, too! Oh, and raffle prizes galore to be won (not by me, sadly, not a one!).

I ran into a number of Seymour members at the show, and I think it’s fair to say we were a little stumped as to how to pick a favourite quilt and vote… there were so many amazing pieces of so many different styles, it really was impossible to choose just one. At the time of posting, there were no results on their website as yet, but I’m guessing if you keep a look out, you may see the winners posted in the near future.

For those who didn’t get there, here are some pics taken by myself and Linda D (thanks, Linda).