Thom Atkins – Bead Embellished Quilts

Many thanks to Moira S for sharing this story about her recent visit to a quilt guild in Southern California.

Thom Atkins ms 3“I attended the Coachella Valley Quilt Guild meeting on Saturday.

The speaker was Thom Atkins who did a wonderful talk on his beaded quilts which were truly works of art.

He did a slide presentation taking us through his process of designing and completing his quilts.  Sometimes he would start with a panel or just a fabric that “spoke” to him, drafting up figures using freezer paper, using pima pens to shade or enhance the fabrics and then the fabulous beading. If he didn’t like the way the beads looked, he would take them off and start again.

His quilt Siren’s Song (below) came third in the Houston International Quilt Show in November.

You will notice his shirt (in the top photo) which he made himself.

A very entertaining and interesting speaker.”

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Coachella Valley, Southern California, USA