Workshops are currently being held on Zoom.

Your spot in a workshop will be confirmed when you have signed up and when your fee has been received by the Programme/Workshops Coordinator.

Workshop Cancellation Policy: Please note that if a registrant must withdraw from a workshop, they are asked to contact Programme/Workshops to see if there is a waitlist. If there is no waitlist, the registrant is responsible for filling their spot before a refund can be given.



An in-person workshop on 2 days.

Day 1: Wednesday, November 2, 2022

Day 2: Wednesday, November 16, 2022

Times: 9:30 am to 2 pm

Workshop Instructors: Marilyn C and Barb M

Cost: $35

Seminole quilting was initially done by Florida First Nations peoples to decorate clothing.  Rows were tiny and colourful.  For use in quilts today, the rows were enlarged, and the same techniques are applied to the larger strip sets.

Description: Marilyn will lead participants through the creation of two or three rows of Seminole on each day.  Participants will learn about joining sets of strips and cutting them and sewing again to create patterns. She will draw from books on Seminole and local quilter Carol Piercy’s patterns.

Members who have made Seminole quilts previously are encouraged to offer comments and encouragement.  They may also like to make another Seminole using newer colour choices. 

Colours: Choose an idea fabric and three or four fabrics to go with it, or, choose three or four colours that go well together.  Keep in mind that contrast is useful in the design.

Here are some examples of Seminole quilts.  We will not do these particular patterns but may do some of the rows.

Recent Workshops

May 18, 2022. Piece a Spiral Workshop on Zoom. One day. Instructor: Katherine Morgan. This workshop involved piecing a double spiral using prints for one of the spirals. A Liftgate Exchange was held a few weeks before the workshop for members to share fabrics for the project and to buy fabric and kits from Katherine Morgan.

April 20 and April 22, 2022. Hex Trade Workshop on Zoom over two mornings. Instructor: Janet Barker. Using simple strip piecing techniques and a 60⁰ ruler with a blunt tip, Janet explored the many possible hexagon block variations that could be used in a sampler quilt or other projects.

March 16 & 18, 2022. Harmonic Convergence Inspired by Ricky Tims on Zoom. Instructor: Corey Ralph. This was a fun and informative workshop. Corey is friendly and patient, and he offered many useful hints beyond the pattern.

January 12 & 14, 2022. Interwoven Art on Zoom. Instructor: Melissa Marginet.

Past Workshops