Cherry Blossoms: A Textile Translation 2018

Cherry Blossoms: A Textile Translation 2018The Silk Purse Arts Centre in West Vancouver is currently exhibiting works by 26 talented fibre artists, who are sharing their interpretations of the cherry blossom.

Photographs of the art on display are not permitted, so you will have to imagine the many techniques and the variety of stitches that the artists have used to capture the delicate, ephemeral beauty of the blossoms in their fibre art.

The Silk Purse is a charming venue on the Ambleside waterfront, and the art is exhibited in a tranquil room with natural light and windows that look out to Stanley Park and the harbour.  A short stroll from the building, English daisies dot the lawns and the earliest cherry trees are in bloom, doing their best to outshine the grey skies that still linger over the city.

Cherry Blossoms: A Textile Translation 2018 runs through April 15, 2018, at the Silk Purse Arts Centre, on the waterfront near John Lawson Park at 1570 Argyle Avenue, West Vancouver, B.C.