City of Gardens Quilt Show – Victoria Quilters’ Guild

Victoria Quilters' Guild City of Gardens Quilt Show 2018From Linda D … Last Friday I attended the Victoria Quilters’ Guild’s show in Victoria.  Just crossing the Strait of Juan de Fuca to Victoria was a lovely mini holiday!  The sunny weather was fabulous, all the flowers and shrubs were in bloom, and the promise of summer was just around the corner.  Then of course, there was the ‘CITY OF GARDENS’ QUILT SHOW!

There were 250 quilts displayed, live music, interesting demonstrations, a ticketed ‘auction’ of sewing related items (including a $$$ machine!), a selection of quilts from the ‘youth’ quilters, guild competition challenge, a vast amount of quilted art postcards for the CQA show and a HUGE ‘member market’.

The members’ market was the width of the arena!  It included 6 tables of smaller items such as pot holders, clutch wallets, bowls, aprons, place mats and runners, etc.  Around the perimeter were hung approximately 20 wall hangings and smaller baby quilts, and on 11 tables was an array of single bed and lap quilts.  I’ve been to a lot of shows but never seen so many sale items from the members!  They are VERY prolific!

I was quite surprised to see more quilts in the show leaning towards modernism style and processes than traditional.

There were only a few hand-quilted pieces, with the majority being quilted by domestic machines or longarms.  The machine embroidery landscapes and portraits were stunning.

A lot of thought had gone into the descriptions of each piece (something that I always find very difficult ) and it made me appreciate the quilter’s efforts and talent even more.

There were merchants posted along all four walls of the arena being interrupted only by the demonstration/class area and the guitar playing singer.  Her lovely voice surrounded us as we oohed and aahed walking around the arena.  (She isn’t the “singing quilter” who is coming to a future SQG meeting).

All in all, it was a terrific show, displaying a lot of talent, imagination and creativity from the Victoria Quilters’ Guild.

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