Paul Krampitz – From Traditional to Modern Quilter

Our April meeting featured a presentation by Paul Krampitz, who has made the creative journey from traditional to modern quilter. Paul's quilts illustrate how new and exciting designs can happen when quilters change up conventional blocks and layouts. This was a lively presentation, with a great trunk show, and lots of ideas for modern quiltmaking. More information: Paul's Blog Vancouver Modern Quilt … Continue reading Paul Krampitz – From Traditional to Modern Quilter

Julie Plotniko – Popcorn Can Quilts

Julie Plotniko, Vancouver Island quilting instructor, gave her presentation called "Popcorn Can Quilts" at our March meeting. As someone who makes their popcorn on the stove top in an old pressure cooker with a tin pie plate for a lid, I was unfamiliar with popcorn cans.  Julie, however, had amassed a collection of popcorn cans over the … Continue reading Julie Plotniko – Popcorn Can Quilts

Fabric Art by Daniella Amit

Daniella Amit gave a presentation at our February meeting.  She began her career in landscape design, and now works in fibre art, jewelry, and interior design in her business La Penna Design. She has been featured on the North Shore Art Crawl, and her art has been shown at the annual Harmony Arts Festival in West Vancouver. Daniella teaches techniques for working … Continue reading Fabric Art by Daniella Amit

Our October Meeting – Creating with Scraps

Our October meeting was a busy one, and quilting with scraps seemed to be a common theme.  There were lots of ideas for creating something new out of scraps and keeping us stitching over the winter. Anne gave a presentation about making watercolour quilts.  She has a clever system for storing small squares of fabric that are easy to … Continue reading Our October Meeting – Creating with Scraps

Karen Johnson Workshop

Karen Johnson is a textile artist and an instructor with the Fibre Art Network.  She taught a workshop for the guild on April 13 called "Textured Backgrounds" where we learned several methods for creating interesting visually textured backgrounds for art quilts. These backgrounds are made from two or more fabrics.  They can be woven, assembled with … Continue reading Karen Johnson Workshop

Stacey Day, Quilt Designer

Stacey Day came to our March meeting.  She talked about how her life today as a quilter, pattern writer and quilt designer began with her love of  fabric as a very young girl.  She sewed her own clothes and did crafts, and remembers her grandmother at her side encouraging her to have confidence in her own ideas and talents. A book … Continue reading Stacey Day, Quilt Designer

Quilt Rescue with Carol Piercy

What is a quilter to do when a project just isn’t working out?  Carol Piercy, a local quilt teacher and enthusiast who has designed many patterns, came to our February meeting with some ideas about how to rescue quilts. Carol told us that the following design elements contribute to the success of a quilt: pattern of the … Continue reading Quilt Rescue with Carol Piercy

Barb Mortell – Breaking the Rules

Barb Mortell came to our May meeting from Denman Island, where she follows her passion for innovative and improvisational quilting, and other creative pursuits.  The theme of her presentation was "Log Cabins - Traditions & Innovations."  As we admired and studied her quilts, Barb talked about how the traditional log cabin block can be reinvented with such techniques as stretching … Continue reading Barb Mortell – Breaking the Rules

Circle Play Workshop

For two days in January fourteen of our members participated in a workshop with Lorna Shapiro and played with colour, shading, and circles. On the first day backgrounds were designed with either rectangles or half square triangles.  Those working with rectangles brought rectangles from 12 fabrics in colour runs from light to dark.  Those working with HST's brought two main … Continue reading Circle Play Workshop

Canadian Christmas Blog Hop 2011

2011 Canadian Christmas Blog Hop Every Sunday, from October 16 to December 11, 2011, well-known Canadian quilt designers posted a free pattern and a favourite recipe on a Christmas theme. Here are the links for each week's patterns and recipes that were put up by the designers. The links will be good as long as the designers … Continue reading Canadian Christmas Blog Hop 2011


March was the beginning of a history of Canada theme at our meetings.  Diane Stevenson presented a mini general history illustrated with maps and artifacts, including, a beaver pelt and hat.  For the quilting history part of her talk she showed many quilts which she or members of her family made and others which she … Continue reading DIANE STEVENSON and OUR HISTORY