Members Teaching Members

From Marilyn ... November is our month to have Members Teaching Members as our program for the general meeting. Each year a few members demo a technique, a tool, or an item of interest to the membership. This year we had three speakers. Cheryl showed us her Folded Log Cabin quilt in which the blocks … Continue reading Members Teaching Members

Favourite quilting things

"Raindrops on roses, And whiskers on kittens, Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens, Brown paper packages tied up with strings, These are a few of my favorite things ..." My favourite quilting things can't compete with the magical images in that well-known song from The Sound of Music.  "Brown pizza boxes, tied up with strings, etc." ... No, … Continue reading Favourite quilting things

Hints, tips and ideas galore!

October's meeting was truly packed with good stuff. Right off the bat, as we signed in at the door, we each filled out a small form for December's Secret Santa Mug Rug exchange, just names, favourite and least favourite colours were divulged. At the November meeting, those who have not yet drawn a recipient's name … Continue reading Hints, tips and ideas galore!

Tips for injury-free quilting from a Physiotherapist

Our September speaker certainly came at the right moment: with our sweltering summer finally giving way to Fall, we're all keen to get back to our sewing rooms! For hours, no doubt, which could mean injuries if we don't pay attention to how we're sitting, standing, ironing and so on. Deanna McMullen, registered Clinical Physiotherapist and … Continue reading Tips for injury-free quilting from a Physiotherapist

Paul Krampitz – Working with Wedges

Paul Krampitz's Working with Wedges Workshop was well attended, with members enthusiastic about learning something new and sharing the process with quilting friends. Armed with our wedge templates, we learned how to cut our fabric into angled pieces and sew them together to create interesting effects.  We started with the basics, creating our own block.  Later, Paul showed us some variations such as … Continue reading Paul Krampitz – Working with Wedges

Carola Russell – Choosing the Right Needles, Thread & Feet for Quiltmaking

Carola Russell, owner of Carola's Quilt Shop on B.C.'s Sunshine Coast, gave a presentation  at our May meeting.  It was all about machine needles, quilting threads, and presser feet, and how choosing them wisely can lead to more successful projects and more enjoyable quilting. She discussed needle sizes and threads for piecing and machine quilting, and provided … Continue reading Carola Russell – Choosing the Right Needles, Thread & Feet for Quiltmaking

Julie Plotniko – Popcorn Can Quilts

Julie Plotniko, Vancouver Island quilting instructor, gave her presentation called "Popcorn Can Quilts" at our March meeting. As someone who makes their popcorn on the stove top in an old pressure cooker with a tin pie plate for a lid, I was unfamiliar with popcorn cans.  Julie, however, had amassed a collection of popcorn cans over the … Continue reading Julie Plotniko – Popcorn Can Quilts

The New York Beauty Block and Tips for Quilters

Two of our members entertained us with presentations at our November meeting. The New York Beauty Block   Marilyn talked about the variations and possibilities of the beautiful New York Beauty block and brought samples to show us. The blocks are constructed with paper foundation piecing.  Marilyn suggested using freezer paper and a smaller stitch length … Continue reading The New York Beauty Block and Tips for Quilters

Dianne Stevenson – Caring for Quilts

Dianne Stevenson came to our April meeting with her presentation "C.P.R. - Conservation, Preservation, and Restoration: Breathing New Life into Old Textiles."  We learned how to care for old quilts and how to prevent damage to newer quilts. Dianne referred to herself as “the curator of an extensive textile collection,” describing textiles as "threads bound … Continue reading Dianne Stevenson – Caring for Quilts

A Tip on Clutterbusting

Clutter - that haphazard assortment of things that somehow take over your space.  This internet tip gave me a new spin on quilting and sewing clutter.  Buy a rotating desk organizer at a stationery store and fill it with some of your most often used tools.  You can stuff a bit of batting into the … Continue reading A Tip on Clutterbusting

Barb Mortell – Breaking the Rules

Barb Mortell came to our May meeting from Denman Island, where she follows her passion for innovative and improvisational quilting, and other creative pursuits.  The theme of her presentation was "Log Cabins - Traditions & Innovations."  As we admired and studied her quilts, Barb talked about how the traditional log cabin block can be reinvented with such techniques as stretching … Continue reading Barb Mortell – Breaking the Rules

Machine Quilting in November 2013

At our meeting Lynn Fanthorpe came to speak on Fearless Machine Quilting. Following are some of Lynn's hints for successful machine quilting. Use sheets of unlined paper and practice machine quilting ideas.  This can help your brain get into the rhythm and flow of what you want to do on your quilt. Use machine quilting gloves. Needles … Continue reading Machine Quilting in November 2013

October and the VMQG

Everyone enjoyed our speakers from the Vancouver Modern Quilt Guild.  Holly Broadland is the founder of the VMQG and co-President and Felicity Ronaghan is the other co-President. Holly and Felicity talked about the Internet and the role it has in Modern Quilting, both in spreading ideas and in helping people connect and share their interest.  They … Continue reading October and the VMQG


Another interesting meeting.  Who knew that sewing machine maintenance could be such a funny topic! With Carola last month and, now, Tom saying that the most important thing we can do is change the needle I need to make sure I have a couple of packages of needles handy at all times. Tom's second most … Continue reading TOM and SEWING MACHINE MAINTENANCE