Canadian Christmas Blog Hop 2011

2011 Canadian Christmas Blog Hop

Every Sunday, from October 16 to December 11, 2011, well-known Canadian quilt designers posted a free pattern and a favourite recipe on a Christmas theme. Here are the links for each week’s patterns and recipes that were put up by the designers.
The links will be good as long as the designers leave them up.

Oct. 16 – Dougal Walker  – A Mitten 5 Ways and Mitten Cookies

Oct. 23 – Daphne Greig – Table Runner and Scotty’s Nest Eggs

Oct. 30 – Benita Skinner – String Stocking Ornament and Domino Bars – this site requires that you give your email address but it is not necessary to give your name.

Nov. 6 – Kathy K. Wylie – Spinning Star Pattern and Traditional Tourtiere

Nov. 13 – Maria Hrabovsky – Christmas Hot Pads, Pumpkin Cookies and Bottom of the Cupboard Cookies

Nov. 20 – Jean Boyd – Christmas Memories pattern and Cranberry Relish

Nov. 27 – Susan Purney-Mark – Blue Glue Batik Blast and Toad in the Hole

Dec. 4 – Sue Jensen – Snowmen Candle Mat and Mint Snowballs

Dec. 11 – Cheryl Wall – Log Cabin Sachet and Peanut Butter Balls