Paul Krampitz – From Traditional to Modern Quilter

Our April meeting featured a presentation by Paul Krampitz, who has made the creative journey from traditional to modern quilter.

Paul’s quilts illustrate how new and exciting designs can happen when quilters change up conventional blocks and layouts.

This was a lively presentation, with a great trunk show, and lots of ideas for modern quiltmaking.

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A quilt made by Paul’s grandmother.

Paul KrampitzPaul Krampitz

One quilt – two sides.

Paul Krampitz

Changing up the log cabin block.

Paul Krampitz

Paul made this quilt with fabrics he acquired on a journey through Africa.

Paul Krampitz

Paul’s Vancouver Modern Quilt Guild quilt.

Paul Krampitz

Paul’s award winning quilt.

Paul Krampitz

Playing with circles.  This is the front.

Paul Krampitz

Playing with circles.  This is the back, with special effects from Paul’s fabric processing technique.

Workshop possibilities.