Circle Play Workshop

For two days in January fourteen of our members participated in a workshop with Lorna Shapiro and played with colour, shading, and circles.

On the first day backgrounds were designed with either rectangles or half square triangles.  Those working with rectangles brought rectangles from 12 fabrics in colour runs from light to dark.  Those working with HST’s brought two main colour runs and one accent colour run, light to dark.

LornaS1 LornaS2 LornaS3 LornaS4 LornaS5 LornaS6 LornaS7

It was good to be able to take home the background and play with the pieces a bit more for the two weeks until the second day.  Lorna demonstrated setting in the quarter and whole circles on the first day and we finalized the placement and set in our circles on the second day.

Here are a few pictures from the second day.  These show mostly the triangle option.

LornaS21 LornaS22 LornaS24 LornaS25 LornaS26 SornaS23