Stacey Day, Quilt Designer

Stacey DayStacey Day came to our March meeting.  She talked about how her life today as a quilter, pattern writer and quilt designer began with her love of  fabric as a very young girl.  She sewed her own clothes and did crafts, and remembers her grandmother at her side encouraging her to have confidence in her own ideas and talents.

A book deal that didn’t happen turned out to have a silver lining for Stacey.  She was able to keep the many quilts she had made for the book.  One of her quilts came to the attention of an American publisher, and her designs have now been published in various magazines.

Other opportunities have followed, and Stacey is busy in the quilt world.  In addition to magazines, she works with fabric companies such as Windham Fabrics, sells her patterns on Craftsy, and is looking forward to exciting, creative projects ahead.  All this, together with a young and growing family.

Stacey Day

Stacey is a member of the Vancouver Modern Quilt Guild.  A favourite pattern is ‘Lone Star’ and she admires the work of fabric designer Tula Pink.  She designs her quilts using Electric Quilt 7.

Stacey told us she makes things she enjoys, which keeps her quilting spark alive in the face of deadlines.

Drop in to Stacey’s website.  There is lots to see and inspire you there.  Here are some of Stacey’s quilts that were part of her enjoyable and informative presentation.

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