Our June Luncheon

Food, fabric, friends, fun. Thinking of a few members who are enjoying Quilt Canada 2016 in Toronto. Getting greener by recycling some of our luncheon debris. Looking forward to fall workshops. Sharing a laugh.  I heard something like this ... "The older brain is like a large library, with some of the books misfiled." Happy … Continue reading Our June Luncheon

Dianne Stevenson – Caring for Quilts

Dianne Stevenson came to our April meeting with her presentation "C.P.R. - Conservation, Preservation, and Restoration: Breathing New Life into Old Textiles."  We learned how to care for old quilts and how to prevent damage to newer quilts. Dianne referred to herself as “the curator of an extensive textile collection,” describing textiles as "threads bound … Continue reading Dianne Stevenson – Caring for Quilts

A Tip on Clutterbusting

Clutter - that haphazard assortment of things that somehow take over your space.  This internet tip gave me a new spin on quilting and sewing clutter.  Buy a rotating desk organizer at a stationery store and fill it with some of your most often used tools.  You can stuff a bit of batting into the … Continue reading A Tip on Clutterbusting