A Tip on Clutterbusting

Rotating Desk OrganizerClutter – that haphazard assortment of things that somehow take over your space.  This internet tip gave me a new spin on quilting and sewing clutter.  Buy a rotating desk organizer at a stationery store and fill it with some of your most often used tools.  You can stuff a bit of batting into the bottom of compartments to protect the scissor points or to make them the right depth for some of your items.

Then you could try my own spin-off idea and get yourself a small turntable from a housewares department for more of your quilting items.

Rotating Desk Organizer and Turntable

Both the desk organizer and the turntable are themselves subject to clutter, of course.  I had to declutter both items and my sewing machine area in order to take photos for this post.