Members Teaching Members

From Marilyn …

November is our month to have Members Teaching Members as our program for the general meeting. Each year a few members demo a technique, a tool, or an item of interest to the membership.

This year we had three speakers.

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Cheryl showed us her Folded Log Cabin quilt in which the blocks were arranged as a Christmas tree.

This block is also known as the Pleated Log Cabin block as in this YouTube video: Folding Technique for Pleated Log Cabin, Lynn Wilson designs.

MaryElise showed us a few of her many tools, including:

  • A cell phone “popper” – a button attached to a cell phone by a suction cup. Use on a ruler to hold it in place while cutting.
  • A laser light on a bendable stem. Use as a guide when attached to a machine using Velcro.
  • An empty glue stick. Cleaned out, it can be used for old needles.
  • A mascara brush. Use to clean out those hard-to-reach corners of your machine.
  • A metal container with magnets on the back – a dollar store find. MaryElise attaches it to her longarm to catch pins.
  • An electric seam ripper for a quick way to un-sew a seam. A hair shaver is a cheaper alternative.
  • A thread pick, used to unpick a seam without worrying about cutting the thread or the fabric. MaryElise uses the Whirl n Swirl thread pick.

Maureen, Suzanne and Riva showed the GO! fabric cutter by accuquilt. There was a demo of how it works and the various shapes one can cut using this machine.

Thank you to our presenters for the time and effort in preparing your presentation, and for providing a fun and interesting meeting.