Machine Quilting in November 2013

At our meeting Lynn Fanthorpe came to speak on Fearless Machine Quilting.
Following are some of Lynn’s hints for successful machine quilting.

  • Use sheets of unlined paper and practice machine quilting ideas.  This can help your brain get into the rhythm and flow of what you want to do on your quilt.
  • Use machine quilting gloves.
  • Needles she prefers are those labelled – Embroidery, Quilting, Jeans, or Metallic because of the longer groove in the shank.
  • She changes the needle after 5-6 hours of quilting.
  • Don’t go too fast.
  • Don’t stitch while moving your hands.
  • If your machine quilting mat is sliding around too much, wash it in soapy water and it will be sticky again.
  • Her favourite book machine quilting book: Quilting Makes the Quilt

All the talk of machine quilting set us up for the Community Quilts Day later in November.  21 members came and helped finish up quilts.  A dozen or so members were willing to practice their machine quilting skills and impressed everyone with their efforts.  Quilt on!