Quilt Haiku

April is Poetry Month.  You can read more about it at poets.ca.  Here are the Haiku poems members wrote.  So many different views on quilting!

My quilt-y pleasures
Colours, textures, talks, and shows
Endless enjoyment
by Marilyn C

Do the colours work?
How about my quilting skills?
Cat on quilt – success!
by Judy S

Colour, texture, shape
Constant planning in my head
Cloth, fabric, cloth,  – MORE
by Anne W

fabric, fabric, mess
blue, green, red, flowers, strips, squares
my quilting room, fun
by Elaine A

Community Quilts
Covenant House is in need
We donated five
by Les O

Pouring rain, grey skies
What to do, a quilting day!
Cozy, warm, happy
by Irene T

Look, ponder, read
Pattern, fabric, thread, colour
Sew, quilt, bind, admire
by Connie W

Brr, Hmm, Stitch, Smooth – Snap
No bobbin thread, Tangled back
Hmm, Chocolate, Port
by Diane M

Stitch by gentle stitch
A quilt goes from heart to hand
Stitch by giving stitch
by Ronda C