Quilt Haiku

April is Poetry Month.  You can read more about it at poets.ca.  Here are the Haiku poems members wrote.  So many different views on quilting!

My quilt-y pleasures
Colours, textures, talks, and shows
Endless enjoyment
by Marilyn C

Do the colours work?
How about my quilting skills?
Cat on quilt – success!
by Judy S

Colour, texture, shape
Constant planning in my head
Cloth, fabric, cloth,  – MORE
by Anne W

fabric, fabric, mess
blue, green, red, flowers, strips, squares
my quilting room, fun
by Elaine A

Community Quilts
Covenant House is in need
We donated five
by Les O

Pouring rain, grey skies
What to do, a quilting day!
Cozy, warm, happy
by Irene T

Look, ponder, read
Pattern, fabric, thread, colour
Sew, quilt, bind, admire
by Connie W

Brr, Hmm, Stitch, Smooth – Snap
No bobbin thread, Tangled back
Hmm, Chocolate, Port
by Diane M

Stitch by gentle stitch
A quilt goes from heart to hand
Stitch by giving stitch
by Ronda C

Cancelled November Meeting

For the first time ever, one of our meetings was cancelled!  Last Wednesday the power was out in the Capilano area.  There was no power at the church and many of our member had no power for about 24 hours as our local substation was down.

The executive divided up the membership list and phoned everyone so we were able to get through to most people.  Our guest speaker, Diane Stevenson, was quite accommodating and is willing to reschedule to sometime next year.

Please watch your email for notes on the luncheon meeting in December.

Thanks for your patience, Marilyn C