Our books have been listed by author and by title.

The Seymour Quilters Guild catalogue is also online at LibraryThing where you can find details, cover images, ratings and reviews, and other information about the books in our catalogue.

*To request a book, please use this form to contact the Librarian.

Library News:

Our recent book purchases are:

  1. Quilt Recipes by Jen Kingwell
  2. Farm Girl Vintage 2 by Lori Holt
  3. Big, Bold and Colourful by Chris Jurd
  4. Urban Quilting: Quilt Patterns for the Modern Day Home by Wendy Chow
  5. Shizuka Kuroha’s Japanese Quilting Patterns (quilts, bags, pouches, table runners)
  6. The Ultimate Guide to Rulerwork Quilting by Amanda Murphy
  7. Korean Patchwork Quilting: 37 Modern Bojagi Style Projects by Choi Yangsook
  8. Wedge Quilt Workshop by Christina Cameli

**Watch for our big book sale at the March 15, 2023 meeting.