Staying Connected #49

Here we go again, with another wonderful show and tell of all the different things we create.

From Chris … Completed these Easter Face Masks this past week. Some are ready to be mailed off to daughter & granddaughter and the others will be delivered here in North Vancouver.

From Barbara C … “Delightfully Da.” A quilt for our year old granddaughter Emma.

Everything in Emma’s world was “da” for months. Didn’t matter what it was, always highly amusing.

The pattern is “Two’s Company” from Wendy William’s book Wild Blooms and Beautiful Creatures.

Started just after Christmas and completed and gifted Valentine’s Day. We had to watch on video as she saw it for the first time and will treasure that moment forever and have replayed it a thousand times.

I was fortunate enough to meet and take Wendy’s class when Kerry Karram brought her to Vancouver. What a joy and an inspiration she is. I also spent a day with Kerry, Wendy and her sister, Annette. A story for another time. Fond memories.

Kerry Karram – a fibre artist, pattern designer, writer and award winning quilter.
Wendy Williams – a background in patchwork and textile design and a prolific designer.

From Darla … This is a wall hanging I started last year but finally finished it off this week.

It is a Toni Whitney called “Sweet Hearts.” About 200 appliqué pieces. All done by machine (just a straight stitch along the edge). About 8 pieces in each eye alone.

Going around all the spiky hair pieces was a challenge. Taking another class of Toni Whitney next month. A glutton for punishment. Three super cute raccoons – couldn’t resist.

Toni Whitney – fusible applique, equine and wildlife painter specializing in acrylic and pastels.

Also from Darla … Also finished a Trapunto I did a class on a few months ago. An alternate method of doing Trapunto.

What is Trapunto Quilting?

From Anne W … I’ve made this quilt for my grandson Niklas, who graduated from high school last year. I used his favourite colours and Krista Hennebury’s improv technique.

I’m hoping to hand deliver it sometime this fall to Fredericton, N.B.?!?! I’ve also started on a quilt for his sister, Dahlia, who graduates this year. (More info about the making of hers to come, as it’s a very different process 😀???) …. 🤗 to each and everyone.

From Linda F … We get some lovely quilts donated to Community Quilts. Here is a beauty, from Yoskyl. The hexagon flowers are hand sewn, then appliqued on to the quilt.

I’m offering it out to the membership to finish. Everything is ready: backing, batting and binding. Please call me if you’re willing to take on this project.

From Judy S … Here is a pet bed I made for our new Community Quilts project. I used two rather unusual fabrics, front and back, that snuck into my stash. I think they would be called “novelty fabrics.”

Right after the quilt was finished, little Tucker curled up on top of it.

From Marilyn … This is another Alphabet Spiral quilt from a workshop with Lions Gate Guild. It is finished and on its way to California for my granddaughter’s first birthday. Note the zebra running onto the grey spiral “road.”

Thank you to Chris, Barbara C, Darla, Anne W, Linda F and Marilyn.

Out and About

Throughout COVID and through the seasons of the past year, a neighbour has been putting out cheerful and colourful displays in her front yard to entertain children – and everyone who passes by. 😊

One of them was a fairy garden, and a real fairy showed up to visit with kids.

There were displays for Hallowe’en and Christmas, and this is the latest one – a Ladybug Parade.