Staying Connected #50

So here we are at post #50, and hasn’t our quilting been all rather nifty?

From Diane … The youngest granddaughter’s new quilt – done as a quilt-as-you-go.

From Linda R … I’m on to Easter projects … fabric carrots and eggs, and rabbit coasters.

From Arlene I … Another community quilt finished. Quilting design used is “Whirl” from Melissa Marginet’s book. Fun and easy to do. Walking Foot Quilting Designs by Melissa Marginet.

From Janet … This is the Alphabet “I Spy” Quilt I made from the Katherine Morgan class. It was lots of fun, not only making it, but collecting all the pictures depicting a letter.

I arranged and rearranged all the pictures only to be questioned by my son why I had a “goose” for “d” (isn’t a goose sort of a duck?) and a “preying mantis” for “g” that I thought was a grasshopper!

Thank goodness it’s a quilt for a baby, and not my 33 year old son! It is a gift for my girlfriend who is a first time Grandma to grandson Rylo. I am so excited to give it to her next week.

From Darla … This was made as part of a challenge club. It’s called Queen of Diamonds. I actually did some ruler work on this and free motion feathers (with a stencil).

From Chris … I finished the Alphabet Spiral. Took the course from Kathleen Morgan at the Lions Gate Quilters Guild January Quilt Extravaganza. This quilt is going to a young family I know.

From Barb M … My puppy mat, from SOSAH Day

From Diane … My first wheelchair quilt and I’m sure I will do more for community quilts now. Easy size to work with 30×36.

From Marilyn … This is my as yet unnamed TrendTex entry for CQA Quilt Canada 2021. The theme is Friendship and my idea is that it is a representation of the friends and family I hold in my heart. They are all different, that is, they can be traditional, modern, and/or improv.
Happy Quilting,

Many thanks to Diane, Linda R, Arlene I, Janet, Darla, Chris, Barb, Diane and Marilyn for sharing.

It’s mine – all mine!