NQC September 2015

Marilyn C.

Last Saturday Isabelle J. and I attended the Northwest Quilt Connection meeting in Mount Vernon, Washington.  The speaker was Susan Mayer, a prolific quilt maker and pattern designer.  Her topic was “Tips for a Perfect Quilt” along with a trunk show.  She had patterns available for all the quilts.  It was excellent presentation.  

Here are a few pictures from the meeting and a few of her words of wisdom.

  • Choose all dusty or all clear colours for a quilt, unless it is scrappy.
  • When directions say a selection of light and dark – think contrast.
  • Use sizing instead of starch.  Her circles were appliquéd, sprayed with sizing, and “ironed into submission”.

Susan M 1 Susan Mayer 4

  • Cut down on UFO’s.  If you are trying a new pattern just do 4 blocks before cutting “all” the pieces.  If you don’t like them you are left with lengths of fabric instead of many blocks.
  • If your seams are curving around bumps – you need a new needle.
  • Take a picture of your quilt before you sandwich it and look for any mistakes.
  • When you find a pattern you like, do it over and over using different fabrics.  For example the following two pairs of quilts.

Susan Mayer 2 Susan Mayer 3

Susan M 7 Susan M 6

  • Be creative and play in the borders.

IMG_0463  Susan Mayer 5

Susan’s attitude of playing with patterns and her use of bright colour were an inspiration!

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