Sue Spargo at La Conner Quilt Museum

Sue Spargo‘s work is on exhibit at the La Conner Quilt and Textile Museum.  Sue attended the opening of her exhibit.  She is friendly and willing to share her methods for textured / embellished quilting.

At the opening she walked attendees through the exhibit and talked about her growth and noted that she is always looking for ways to stretch her techniques, to try something new, and to build on what she has already done.

Sue uses cottons, wools, velvets, corduroy, silks – any interesting fabrics and threads she comes across.  Sue is from Ohio and has a website – Sue Spargo.

Sue Spargo A

These pictures are only a taste.  They are meant to entice you to go to La Conner before March 23 and see her exhibit for yourself.  Read more about the exhibit …

Sue Spargo B