Staying Connected #62

Welcome to summer. As a sign in a quilt shop said, “Summer quilters are the best!”

From Marilyn … This is a baby quilt for a future baby so I have one ready. It is one of my UFOs. I have had the fabric set aside for a very long time.

From Linda R … In Halfmoon Bay visiting with friends. Weather is amazingly beautiful. Here I am cutting 2-inch squares for a new project that requires 15,000 squares.

From Judy S … Over the Spring I made two twin-sized quilts from the Community Quilts stash.

First I made the Big Star quilt. This resulted in a bunch of leftover triangles. The triangles became pinwheels, one row led to another, and it all turned into a second quilt.

It was lots of fun seeing what I could make with the donated fabric that I had chosen. I will have to let them go now and pass them on to Linda F, our Community Quilts Coordinator.


From Linda D … My daughter’s friend since kindergarten has always liked Marvel Comics, Pokémon and skulls. Before the pandemic she finished make-up artistry school here in Vancouver, then completed intense ‘movie make-up’ in Los Angeles. She specializes in gore, and I have to say VERY SCARY projects that will be used in the movies when she can go back to LA.

In the meantime, I used fabric I’d been saving over many years just for her, and lessened my ‘stash.” It’s in the washer now and will be delivered next week.

HA HA she’s 25 now, hope she still likes comics!

From Chris … The two sides of the (Lynn Valley Love) banner I’ve made. It is all red background and roughly 12 feet long.

From Eleanor … Lynn Valley Love banner

From Anne R … Lynn Valley Love banner (two sides)

From Darla … Just finished this flimsy. Wonky Four Patch.

From Sonja … Only a month late but I am happy. I hope my granddaughter likes it.

With many thanks to:
Marilyn, Maureen, Chris, Eleanor, Linda R, Anne R, Linda D, Darla and Sonja

In Maureen’s Garden

My peonies, my Nelly Moser clematis, and my Actinidia Kolomikta.