Staying Connected #61

Another chocolate box of quilts to enjoy.

From Eleanor … This is the “flights” pattern from Cristina De Miranda. My first modern Quilt. Nowhere to hang it – so pictured on the floor.

From Darla … Decided to use up some of my brown batiks – only made a small dent. The pattern is called Queen of Diamonds. Tried doing some ruler work on this one. Definitely need more practice.

From Yoskyl … Stash busting and a “postage stamp” something! 5 Inch squares, 1 inch squares, 3 inch strips, and a pile of crumbs.

1 inch squares ironed on to gridded backing sheet in semi-controlled “confusion”

All ironed on, but the labour is hardly done!

Now to turn it over, and run scant quarter inch seams on each intersection.

Sewn in both directions, so I landed up with half inch squares, and total size one quarter of original sheet, now roughly 18 inches by 24 inches.

As you can guess, I used lots of thread, and had to abandon flat seams. As one of our revered members pointed out, yes “L” , it turned out like a sheet of boiler plate.! Maybe call it Covid Cast Iron!

I’ll square it off and apply batting and backing.

At least I have no scraps now, as I ponder what I can do with this.

From Lorna … I had this pattern and made it using only what I had in my stash. It gave me a great opportunity to try some quilting techniques that we learned at Melissa Marginet’s workshop. (Marilyn suggests this as an idea for Grow-a-Quilt.)

From Marilyn … Here are the two sides of my banner for the Lynn Valley Love Project.

Marilyn’s Luncheon 2021 placemat in the Lynn Valley Banner colours …

Marilyn’s Luncheon 2021 placemat ready for the luncheon …

From Chris … This is my Alaska Memory quilt. I bought the fabric during one of my cruises to Alaska. I made the top several years ago (like maybe 10 years ago) and tucked it away. Pulled it out this spring and finished it.

The pattern is from a book called “Pre-cuts” and this one is “Nest & Feathers.” Each block is a disappearing 9 patch.

From Anne W … I just received my 11 ! fat quarters from the CQA. What a fun thing to participate in ❣️❣️.

I got so excited I sent one more FQ  to them. Maybe I’ll get lucky a 2nd time🤔😁❣️. Hopefully more people will enter the draw.

(CQA Fat Quarter Lottery. Note: You must be a CQA member to participate. Ed.)

From Diane … Here’s another quilt-as-you-go quilt. A few issues with me trying to go too fast. Trying to lower the level in the blue scrap bin but I think it reproduces much too fast and the scrap drawer just keeps on giving.

Many thanks to Eleanor, Darla, Yoskyl, Lorna, Marilyn, Chris, Anne W and Diane

We return to the Turtle Valley Donkey Refuge up in the mountains near Chase, BC, where the mini donkeys make their way out to pasture for the first time this year. Fresh food for grazing! Aren’t they adorable?