Staying Connected #47

From our quilting spaces …

From Diane … This quilt is from Krista Hennebury’s Improv Zoom workshop.

For the quilting, I just stitched the centre rectangle and then just went with whatever line appealed. One of the first times I’ve ever used a single fabric for the backing.

From Lorna … This is a Stack and Whack quilt that I made several years ago and am finally gifting to my nephew’s three year old.

This is the large print idea fabric.

These are the pinwheels highlighting the animals.

This is the finished quilt.

What is a Stack and Whack quilt? Rectangular pieces of fabric with nearly identical motifs are stacked and cut and then arranged to create a kaleidoscope effect. For more about the method, here’s an online tutorial that has a lot of information – Stack and Whack Tutorial for Beginners, from Smoky Bear Creek Retreats in Montana, USA.

From Chris … Two more projects finished.

This quilt is 40″ x 47″ and is a panel that was given to me. I didn’t feel I could cut the panel apart, so just added a border.

The Microwave Bowl Cozies are a gift for my sister.

From Moira … Here is a table runner I just completed. I downloaded the paper piecing pattern for the teapot from the internet and used fabric from my stash (the stash is not going down very much!).

From Anne R … This is the Alphabet quilt I made in (local quilter) Katherine Morgan’s class.

Her pattern used 4 1/2 inch blocks, but as I had larger pictures (lion, tiger leopard, iguana) that I didn’t want to cut into too much, my squares are 5 1/2 inch. It took sharing of fabric and rummaging through the scrap box so most squares are of animals of some sort. Roan, age 2, loves the quilt.

I really enjoyed the class and plan on using the design to make a wheelchair quilt using flowers and everyday items that might create interest for the recipient.

From Linda R … Sending cards to my Grands for St. Patrick’s Day, with a coaster inside.

Many thanks to Diane, Lorna, Linda R, Chris, Moira and Anne R
for this show and tell.

March 17
St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day marks the death of St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland, who lived in the fifth century. On this day, the Irish celebrate their culture, and many people all over the world become Irish for the day and share in the festivities.

If you have a quilt with an Irish or Celtic theme or a project with some beautiful green fabric, send along a photo with a few lines about it, and we can try for forty shades of green in the next post!