Staying Connected #42

Here are some projects from our quilting spaces. Maybe after our January presentation by Brandy Maslowski, some of those spaces are “studios magnificent” now!

From Chris … I’ve had this table runner pattern for several years, bought it on a cruise to Alaska. Finally got it done.

Some Valentine masks I’ve made for some of my family that work in Public Schools, and my Granddaughter who is at college and works part time.

From Donna … Every summer at the cabin, I help my friend make quilt kits so she can sew them up in the fall and winter.

She does all the creating and measurements. I do the cutting. She knows exactly what fabrics she has so she chooses colours and designs. She gives me the instructions and I place the bits into a plastic lettuce box with the instructions on top.

This fall she asked if I could sew some of the kits as her MS is not allowing her to sew much anymore. This is my first kit. Turned out quite well.

From Linda R … I’ve started working on some UFO’s.

This is an improv that matches my tuffet and a table runner I have made for my family room.

Valentine’s Day placemats for grands …

From Diane … Finished this for a 2 year old. I Spy on the front and my attempt for the back were half square rectangles in a large size so I could complete the back easily.

But my half square rectangles turned into kites and I didn’t even pay attention until I had three of them done so I thought a huge hexagon would be the answer.

As you can see it’s not a hexagon. It’s a 12 agon with irregular sides. Then I had to try and make the backing fit the front of course.

Still using only my stash except for buying extra black fabric in the last 2 years.

Thank you to Chris, Donna, Linda R, and Diane for sharing their projects.

A Vancouver Sunrise