Staying Connected #7

Here we go again. Enjoy!

From Elaine A … I made a quilt like this when Helen Fujiki was here and one of my friends who was visiting from Prince George asked if she could have one like it. This is a little smaller than the original but it is the same image.

From Sharon R …

This “Tiny Truck” was one of the pattern of three (Fox, Cow and Truck) and I had still a lot of flowers left over from my initial cat from the Floral Fabric Collage Workshop. The pattern showed a blue truck but I had more red fabric to use. Got on a roll with these but it’s soon coming to an end (I think!).

From Anne R … This is the scene from the window of my sewing room. Over the past six weeks it has gone from being leafless to this glorious shade of green. The almond and cherry trees too are lovely as we walk along along Frederick Road in Lynn Valley.

From Arlene …

“Old Victoria” is a kit I bought several years ago. Yes, it’s still a flimsy but the top is finally done!

Secondly, I found a small drawer of 2 1/2” squares to be used “someday.” Someday came. This is one of three preemie-size quilts. Also have a lap size in progress. Even so, hardly a dent has been made on my supply!!!

DID YOU KNOW? ‘Flimsy’ is another word for a completed quilt top. Ed.

From Moira … Here are a couple of quilts I’ve just finished. The stork one was a panel I bought at Hands Across The Water last September. It was quilted by Wildflower here on the Coast. It is for my granddaughter due in June. The second one is for my granddaughter born prematurely in March and still in hospital. I made this one from my stash and ran out of the button fabric so improvised.

From Donna … Here is my corona virus quilt. The pattern is from a website Home for the harvest. I started when we got the order to stay home and I am finishing before the order is lifted. I used all my bits and pieces of fabric and stitched together enough batting to be big enough. I programmed my pfaff to write on some houses … be kind, be calm, be safe, stay home, wash your hands, flatten the curve. I am very pleased with the result. It is for my grandson.

From Maureen … I had the fabric for this quilt eagerly waiting to be sliced and diced. I diced so many 2.5” squares that I needed to contribute them somewhere besides the top. Did so, as you can see. Back and binding.

Struggled with stippling, I called Marilyn who consulted Barb, and I decided that whatever the problem was would not be easily solved. The baby is now four months old and I need to get this job done before he is too big!

Lessons learned:

  1. Using fabric tape to hold batting bits together does make for a lumpy intersection when corners have to meet, thus making a thicker spot that is impossible (for me) to stipple.
  2. Straight line stitching can still be a challenge. Map out the directions of the lines first. No details will be shown to my fellow guild members, as I messed up.
  3. 2.5” squares in the binding are lumpy, and if the seam falls into the mitered corner, it is very hard to get it square.
  4. Stick to sewing projects that do not require accuracy from oneself …. thus the boring cat picture …

This is a template for a “Fluffy Kitty” that I found. Fluffy? Well yes, if you buy certain thread and a ‘brush.’ Who knew marketing could be so powerful? More to come … this is just a teaser for now. Boring looking cat, I must say.

From Maureen … a fun read

Mergatroyd! Do you remember that word? Would you believe the spell-checker did not recognize the word Mergatroyd? Heavens to Mergatroyd!” Click the button below to read.

Thanks to Elaine, Sharon, Anne, Arlene, Moira, Donna, and Maureen for contributing to this post.

It’s rhododendron time …