Staying Connected #6

Here are some lovely quilted items that our members have made. Hopefully, they will inspire you to keep enjoying your quilting during these strange days.

From Sharon R … Got this fabric for my birthday a couple of years ago and have finally decided to make a table runner. Luckily, I had some other green to use on the back to complete it.

From Linda F … When we can’t get to the fabric store, we make scrap quilts. Some of the fabrics are real favourites that go back over a decade, and have been used in other projects: a crazy woven table runner, a Carol P. Seminole quilt, a quilt for my nephew, and most recently a “Quilt of Valour”.

Because these are favorite fabrics, the quilt is also a favourite. Who knew that I had so much dark teal fabric! But not any more, it’s all used up.

From Linda S … This is my finished collage quilt. It is the Honey Bee pattern but it is my Queen Bee. Since I made it during the self isolation during Covid-19 I have called it ONE DAY YOU WILL LOOK BACK….

… This is the longest label that I have ever put on the back of a quilt! The phrase, “One Day You Will Look Back …” sits alongside the sewn-on label. One for the books … or history … or whatever.


The Queen Bee Holds Fast During the COVID-19

made by Linda Schell ~April 2020 ~ North Vancouver
I took a SQG workshop as an introduction to collage
quilting in March, 2020.
Little did I know how long this quilt would take to finish
and little did I know that I would certainly have the time to
do it in the following months while self isolating at home
with my husband.
COVID-19 made us all stay at home.
Bees are a favourite of mine. They are the most interesting
creatures and they are in great distress these days. I was
drawn to this Honey Bee pattern by Laura Heine. Laura
Heine did not make her bee the QUEEN, but I did.
One evening we were watching Dr. Bonnie Henry, our
Provincial Health Officer give us an update on the health of
our province. Dr. Henry calms me when I watch her. As
well as having a calming voice, she is forthright, explains
complicated information well (despite having to explain
some things over and over) and always, ALWAYS expects
the best of us all, and encourages us to BE KIND.
On this particular evening Dr. Henry, along with her usual
interesting necklace, was wearing a gold queen bee brooch
and it struck me that she is our queen bee…. in a good way.
She keeps the hive going, keeps us safe and is certainly in
charge. We admire her knowledge and her tenacity in
helping us all deal with this new and terrible virus. I have a
feeling that someone asked her to wear that brooch that
evening. Perhaps it has special meaning to her or to
someone else.
At that time I was struggling with the quilt. It took me
much longer to do the quilting, I made some rookie
mistakes and it involved a lot of ‘unsewing’. The backing
was too small and the hanging sleeve too narrow. At every
step of the way it seemed like I would take ‘two steps
forward and one back’, but I had the time. We all have the
time right now and as I worked on the the quilt I realized
that many of the short phrases included on the quilt front
were very like those encouraged by our queen bee,
Dr. Henry.
Be grateful, enjoy the little things, see the good, love your
life, give 100%, happiness is love at home, see the good,
this is one moment in time, breathe, stay humble, work
hard, be kind, sing out loud – sing it strong, live simply,
you can make a difference, smile and be grateful for this
day, it’s a beautiful world, be happy, be prayerful, be
positive and so on. Then came this label…. and one more
phrase that I had overlooked and saved…..

Thanks to Sharon, Linda F and Linda S for sharing their quilts and stories with us.