Krista Hennebury – The Search for a Signature Style

Krista is a North Vancouver quilter who is active with all things quilty. She has a blog and an Instagram site, she develops and publishes patterns, authored Make It, Take It, gives inspirational presentations and workshops all over the world, shows quilts, and participates in guilds.

At our April meeting Krista presented a slide show of her journey to her style and as she spoke she broke her process down into steps —

  • Step One – Make stuff
  • Step Two – Learn new stuff – take classes. Krista mentioned a class with Gwen Marston, the liberated quilter. Gwen is admired by many in our guild.
  • Step Three – Participate in stuff – put yourself out there. It could be in a sew-a-long, a challenge, participate in shows (such as HQWT), or anything to put yourself out there!
  • Step Four – Leave home and look at stuff – walk in nature, visit art galleries, travel, …
  • Step Five – Design your own stuff – just start, watch for ideas
  • Step Six – Remember to have fun!

After her slide show Krista did a trunk show to illustrate her talk.

Pop Stars – Quilt shown at CQA Quilt Canada 2018 in Vancouver
Courthouse Colourplay made with old shirts
Another Courthouse Colourplay

In May Krista will be giving a workshop on her Courthouse Colourplay quilt.

Visit Krista’s blog/website – poppyprint , or, find her on Instagram – @poppyprint

Another part of our meeting included the voting on which quilt to send for the CQA Quilting Goes Viral Challenge. See all the quilts in Our Year in Pictures. Anne W’s quilt in which the Q’s are going viral was chosen.

Krista mentioned how much she enjoyed her class with Gwen Marston. Unfortunately when Krista returned home she found out that Gwen had passed away. What a loss!