Nicholas Turcan – Journey Into Quilting

Nicholas Turcan was our March speaker.  He is multi-talented – even a professional baker – who has embraced quilting, and does much of the amazing quilting of the sample quilts at The Cloth Shop on Granville Island in Vancouver, BC.

Nicholas told us the story of how he came to quilting.   Trying his hand at making a quilt for himself led to visits to the local quilt shop, where he discovered a love for fabrics, quiltmaking – and sewing machines.  He is now a talented longarm quilter, applying his skills and his creativity to enhancing the quilts of his clients.

Nicholas’s presentation was entertaining and informative with lots of humorous stories, design suggestions, and samples of his beautiful quilting.

He has a new website and business, and has created a murder mystery block of the month program that will be launching soon.

Nicholas Turcan’s website is Mystery Stitch Designs.

photo: Marilyn