Jane Johnstone – Magical Miniature Quilts

IMG_3035_edited-1Jane Johnstone is a local quilter with a self-admitted consuming passion for making small quilts, and we were dazzled by her collection at our May meeting.  The smallest quilt looked to be somewhere around 6 inches by 8 inches in size.

She was introduced to miniature quilts through a course she took, and she was drawn into a world of colour and design, and ever-evolving ideas for new things to try with small pieces of fabric.

Jane makes her quilts in a serendipitous way.  She paper pieces, quilts by hand and machine, and includes many different fabrics for a scrappy style.

She enjoys the concentration of colour that can be achieved in small quilts, whether the effect is calm or lively, and plays with many colour combinations and a variety of blocks.  Borders may be places for special fabrics.  Lately, she has been exploring a more “arty” style of quilting.

Jane has fun with the process, and the results are joyful, colourful little masterpieces that are an inspiration and a pleasure to look at.

We were shown a few of her knitted creations – small, also! – plus some larger tops that, like Jane’s miniature quilts, simply glowed with colour.

It was a lovely presentation.