Lions Gate Quilters Guild Show

LGQG ShowNorth Shore quilters and many others had the pleasure recently of being able to gather at the Lions Gate Quilters Guild biennial quilt show.

This event was staged at the Sportsplex at Capilano University in North Vancouver, B.C.  Over 200 quilts were on display in a bright, spacious venue.

When I attended, there were numerous volunteers overseeing the show, lots of visitors enjoying the tea room, merchant stalls and demonstrations, and many people strolling the aisles to look at a great variety of quilts.

Many of the quilts were traditional designs, but I noticed modern quilting influences in a large number as well.

Whoot by Isabelle Jenkins - 2016 Challenge entry, inspired by "I Heard the Owl Call My Name" by Margaret Craven

Part of the event was the 2016 Challenge called “Quilt Me a Story.”  The challenge was to create a quilt that represented, or was inspired by, a favourite book.

Beside each quilt in the show were the words of the quiltmaker.  It was interesting to see the title of their quilt and to learn about the inspiration behind their project, sometimes a special place or the beauty and healing powers of nature.  Most of all, it was lovely to read about the meaning that their quilt held for them, which was often a connection to special people in their lives, past and present.

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To see a slide show of all the quilts in the show, click here.