January Meeting for Health

At our January meeting Deanna McMullan, a physiotherapist, was an excellent speaker and gave us guidelines for ways to prevent problems when we are on-a-roll of quilt making.  Her presentation concentrated on:

  • exercises – The exercises she demonstrated are similar to those for people who spend a lot of time at their desktop computers.  The exercises are designed to prevent repetitive use injuries and strengthen posture.   We had a chance to try them out and stretched arms, necks, and backs.  
  • posture – Good posture is important at our sewing machines and cutting tables.
  • workstations, i.e., sewing machines, cutting tables, and irons – She talked about how  we can set up our workstations ergonomically.
  • and breaks – Like people at any repetitive work we should also take breaks and move around, and, lift our eyes now and then to give them a rest.

Thanks, Deanna