February 2014 Meeting

Beyond the Quilt Pattern – Embellishment

Our program committee – Ilse L., Isabelle J., and Bev D. – gave a trunk show of amazing art quilts they have created.  They used the quilts to demonstrate the application of the various techniques and materials they had on display for us to peruse and try after the presentation.

They talked about

  • printing using acrylics with stamps or other items, for example, leaves
  • painting on fabric
  • thread on stabilizer
  • Angelina fabric with sparkle
  • thread painting
  • burning
  • photos on cotton or organza
  • 3D sculpture
  • wearables
  • discharge
  • embellishment using trims and beads

On tables they displayed and gave an opportunity for people to try out:

  • various paints. dyes, inks in pots, sticks, or pens
  • paints, inks in pots, sticks, and pens
  • glues to attach items to their art quilts
  • mirrors

The presentation gave us an appreciation of the variety of materials and the work involved in planning and executing their fabric art pieces.  It was truly inspiring!

Sources for their materials were Opus, Michaels, or online.