Community Quilt Day – Pillowcases & More

Our Community Quilt Day on January 29 was attended by over twenty members. On a dark and rainy day, the church hall was a warm and friendly place to hang out and sew together.

Placemat kits were available and community quilts were sandwiched, but “Project Pillowcase” proved to be the theme of the day.

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Community Quilt Delivery

Early in October Les and Marilyn delivered the Hourglass Quilt to the Lynn Valley Legion Branch 114, 1630 Lynn valley Road, NV.  Diana Saboe was excited to receive the quilt and told us that it will be used as one of the prizes in a raffle to raise money in December for the hamper drive.  Thank you to all the members who contributed to the quilt.  We hope to get tickets on their raffle and have them available at the November meeting.

Diana mentioned that the Legion is open to everyone and is trying to build up a positive image in the community.  They do not yet have anyone to set up a website for them but their activities are listed in the Lynn Valley Events Calendar on the Lynn Valley Life website.

Community Quilts Day – Slab Quilts & More

IMG_1838Members met at the church hall on March 8 to make community quilts.  We cut, pieced, sandwiched and quilted, while swapping stories and sewing tips, truly testing our multi-tasking skills.

Several of the projects were slab block quilts for Canada’s Big Quilt Bee initiated by the Canadian Quilters’ Association to mark Canada’s 150th birthday this year.  The slab block quilts were fun to work with – so many different fabrics and colours coming together into playful, interesting layouts.  They will be given to Ronald McDonald Houses which provide accommodation for seriously ill children and their families when they must be away from home for their child’s major treatment.

Linda’s homemade soup was delicious, Les’s “long table” setup worked really well, and the beverage service to workstations was excellent.

Machine quilting with wavy lines seemed to catch on with several members, and spread – well, like a wave – through the hall.

Community Quilt Day March 2016

IMG_2358_edited-1It was a good day making community quilts.  Linda’s soup was heating on the stove for our lunch.  Les was busy keeping all of us busy.  Tea, coffee and treats were nearby.  Some of us won raffle prizes.

Sewing machines were humming, and many quilts were sandwiched.

We shared ideas about layering quilts, choosing colours, and other things (including Downton Abbey), as we created new and interesting quilts out of a diverse mix of fabric remnants and donations.

Community Quilt Day November 2015

Nineteen smiling members participated in Community Quilt Day.

A good number of quilts were finished, and quite a few unfinished ones got taken home by our members to be finished in their homes.

Lots of goodies as well.

All in all quite a successful day!  ANNE W.

Community Quilt Day March 2015

With the rain teeming outside, guild members gathered in our meeting hall to work on quilts for the community.  Sharing some time with fellow quilters was an enjoyable way to spend time, and cutting, stitching, designing, and other tasks kept everyone busy.  Many thanks to Yoskyl for producing custom-designed labels for our community quilts.  Thanks also to Les for organizing the day.

Community Quilts Day in May 2013

May 8th was our Community Quilts Day.  We had a lot of fun making jelly roll quilt tops and sharing a lasagna lunch.

IMG_6306The only quilt I know of where one person can iron the seams while another sews more seams on it across the room!
IMG_6310 Most people worked in groups.

These were l-o-n-g strips to deal with!


What fun.

Elaine and Chelan say –
A huge thank you to everyone who took part in the Comunity Quilts Day.

p.s. They want us to think about honing our quilting skills on the backlog of quilt tops in our community quilt bins.  I wonder what they are planning.

Community Quilts Day for Fall 2012

Thank you to Connie for organizing another Community Quilts Day.

The new venue worked out.  There was plenty of room to spread out while we worked on new quilts and on unfinished ones.  Near the end of the day we used the design wall and had fun arranging the Northern Lights BoM blocks so that Chelan can assemble them for another quilt.

We enjoyed the work, the laughter, the treats, and meeting the new members.


Community Quilts Day

Thank you to all who came out and lent a hand at Community Quilt Day. It was a successful and fun day. I would just like to remind those who took their projects home to try and finish them and bring them to the next meeting. Quilt projects from this year will be delivered in early December.

A huge thank you to everyone for helping lend a hand in making our community a warmer place to be!

Sincerely, Connie