Staying Connected #63

Quilting into the summer …

From Genevieve … A quilt for our minister and his wife.

From Linda R … Finally starting a new project, a scrappy quilt project called Dots and Dashes. It is on pinterest. The original block is by Lois Olsen, a quilter in Australia. 

From Diane … Grow-a-Quilt … finally got the pinwheels on … all those half square triangles around the sides were thought to produce pinwheels – but when I went to assemble them they produced massive pinwheels. I only wanted small ones. I didn’t want to waste all the half squares but at least there’s a pinwheel in each corner.

From Elaine D … Grow-a-Quilt … (probably) last row done. It just needs layering and quilting.

From Janet … Here is my latest quilt made from many many pairs of jeans from friends and thrift shops.

Wendy Margerm quilted it with a beautiful butterfly design. I know it was a challenge for her since there were different thicknesses of the denim I used, plus there was denim that had spandex (the only kind I would buy!!!)

The backing started with a favourite panel of red and white material with “love”and ❤️‘S. I knew I wanted the red and white stripes for the binding, so I incorporated that on the back as well.

Great way to upcycle old blue jeans. It will be on our couch for our dogs who like our leather furniture!

Many thanks to Diane, Genevieve, Linda R, Elaine D, and Janet
for sharing their quilting