Staying Connected #44

Lots of red in this post! Plus, an item about the recent Walking Foot Quilting Workshop.

From Genevieve … “Roger’s Cars,” all done.

This quilt will be given to a minister who is spending five years in Canada, with his family, to build up a new church.

From Linda R … Heart coasters to pop into Valentine’s cards.

And the beginning of a new project.

From Connie …

Many thanks to Genevieve, Linda R, and Connie for sharing their projects in this Valentine’s Day post.

Walking Foot Quilting Workshop

On Wednesday, February 10, over twenty Guild members participated in a Zoom Workshop called Modern Quilting with your Walking Foot.

Melissa Marginet was the instructor, leading the workshop from her studio in Manitoba.

Melissa has always quilted her own quilts, and gave us all sorts of tips and techniques to do this ourselves and enjoy the process. The preparation for this workshop was easy, and Melissa’s expertise in using technology to instruct and interact with the participants was very impressive.

Here are a couple of screenshots from the workshop. You will see that Melissa is wearing a scarf in the second photo. It’s very cold in Manitoba these days!

Thanks to Melissa for putting together this workshop and to our Programme Committee for bringing it to us. And now we have a new quilting acronym to add to our memory banks – WFQ!

Melissa’s website
Listen to an interview with Melissa Marginet on The Quilter on Fire Podcast (Episode 13).

Happy Valentine’s Day!