Staying Connected #30

From our quilting spaces … wherever they may be!

From Diane … Up at Lake Osoyoos in the camper.

Just sewing all the mistake pieces and substitute pieces I made and cut offs into a random back for my Boxes and Beyond quilt top I just finished.

It’s from 2010. At first I thought it was just a couple of years but it’s been 10. Time flies at warp speed.

From Sharon R … Got the pattern for this from a YouTube video clip forwarded on one of our previous sew your stash days.

Many thanks to Diane and Sharon for showing us their quilts.

From Judy S … I finished the community quilt I was working on a few posts back. The top was made by a mystery quilter.

I tried out a technique that was new to me – using machine stitching for the whole binding process. After figuring out the best way to pin and tacking the mitred corners on the back, the stitching went pretty well and I would try this method again.

Life chugs on …

This little train is one of several than run in Confederation Park in Burnaby, powered by a group of enthusiastic volunteers.

On a beautiful autumn day, its masked passengers, all socially distanced, were having a grand time riding the rails through the forest to the sounds of wheels and whistles!