Staying Connected #27

Greetings, everyone. This has turned out to be mostly a “Linda-Lynda” post, all the way through to the last words, with a little “Barb” and “Judy” in there, too. Funny how things happen.

From Lynda G … a new member …

This blue/geometric quilt is a gift for my niece who just turned 40 and lives on a farm so I wanted to have a lot of darker colours. Wendy with Threadtales quilted it for me. I felt it was too large for me to handle …

… This pink/blue quilt with the heart is for my nephew and his partner whose second daughter Scarlet arrived recently. The quilt top was made with scraps including some Wendy gave me. I machine quilted this myself as it was not too large to handle.

From Linda R … My quilted COVID19 pandemic Village quilt. Binding next. A gift for my baby sister Patricia, to celebrate her 60th birthday this year …

… I was impressed with Esther’s Snail Trails quilt. So here is my first snail trail block.

From Barb M … For those of you interested in the quilt block face mask, here’s the link:

Always Expect Quilt Block Masks.

The pattern has lots of sizes and seems to fit.

Many thanks to Lynda G, Linda R, and Barb M for sharing their quilts and projects with us.

From Judy S … my SOSAH Day project …

This is a section of a small community quilt that I am finishing. The checkered tablecloth helps me with my machine quilting, but that is another story.

The dramatic top was made by a mystery quilter (was it you?), and it came to me from Linda F with Community Quilts, complete with batting, backing, and binding. I basted the sandwich together and mulled over the next steps.

For the machine quilting, I used my walking foot to stitch wavy diagonal lines across many of the seams. I’m in the process of removing the basting threads.

With the basting coming out, the machine quilting lines are becoming more visible, and I am happy with the look of the stitching lines criss-crossing the black frames, sashing, and borders (look closely). So far, so good. I can see the finish line!

Lastly, some beautiful art and music from the City of Light. Thank you to Linda D.