Staying Connected #24

Stories and photos from our quilting spaces …

From Chris … On to something different …

I made these fabric bowls for putting a bowl into, no burning the fingers when taking out of Microwave. These are 6 of the 12 I have made.

From Maureen … You know that little net that came with your sewing machine? Have you ever used it? Well, think about it.

I have been trying to emulate a bunny from Art Quilting Studio, Autumn 2019, page 41.

Seems simple enough, but the thread that I have that looks most like the page in the book is a Poly 40 wt, Madeira, Polyneon, made in Germany. It kept breaking and shredding.

So … I finally discovered that the thread was wrapped about the bottom of the spool post. So … out came the thread net. Worked like a dream!

I got the background done as in the picture … but … this is supposed to be an exercise in using paints … Derwent Inktense Pencils. I have Derwent Watercolor Pencils … not the same.

To bring out the colors, the author recommends using a paint medium, not water. I did the medium and the needle sticks like crazy and I tried water as well.

I sent an e mail to the author and she suggested washing out the medium which I did after heat setting, but it is still not working to pick up the bobbin thread.

Anyone know anything about this and can offer suggestions?

So … two notes to members: don’t forget about your thread net, and do try paints/pencils …. it is fun. Dry pencils work really well.

Stay tuned.

Thanks to Chris and Maureen for sharing their projects with us.

Point Atkinson, West Vancouver