Staying Connected #20

Colour, nature, fabric, design, sharing … lovely!

From Moira … Here are some pictures of my hydrangeas in the garden …

… I have my vase on my mug mat that I received the Xmas before last.

From Donna … You know all those small bits and pieces you have saved over the years because you KNOW that you will need them one day?

I found a pattern called Mumbo Jumbo by Pie In The Sky Quilts. I cut all the bits into various widths as instructed and really emptied my bins.

I will call this quilt Pandemic Pandemonium/COVID Cacophony. Picture shows quilt on it’s side.

From Linda D … This guilt is almost finished for my friend’s new Granddaughter. The baby’s mother is Japanese so I tried to incorporate Japanese themes. For instance, the little girls holding flowers blowing in the wind and the ones dressed in Kimonos as they travel the world.

As is sometimes the case, it grew so she’ll be able to use it into her toddler years!

With thanks to Moira, Donna and Linda D