Staying Connected #3

Welcome to our virtual show and tell.

Many thanks to members for sending their pictures and stories to share with the Guild.

From Donna … This heart quilt was started in 2003. I made a few hearts from little kits and then got bored so they went into a bin. Later in the year, I took a class given by Margaret Miller (Smashing Sets) and she showed people how to arrange blocks in creative ways.

I took my hearts and came home and put everything in the bin. On a cleanup, I found the bin with all the fabric, made more hearts, got it together and Wendy quilted it for me. I still need to bind it.

This is for my great niece who is graduating in 2021. The back, Family Rules, fits into the theme of love and caring and family.

The houses are the beginning of my Coronavirus STAY HOME quilt. I hope these houses don’t end up in a bin! I think this quilt will be for my 7 year old grandson. He has been a real trooper …. so far. I am on a mission to use up my bits and pieces. This project should flatten the stash a bit.

From Chris … These quilts have the binding on, just need to stitch it down.

From Sharon … I took the floral collage class and did the cat which I went on to finish at home. Since then, being housebound, I have done a fox and a cow.

From Linda F … As you can see, I’m making surgical scrub hats at the request of my daughter who is a nurse. My daughter sent a picture of her and a co-worker wearing a couple of my scrub hats while they worked in the ER at VGH. They looked so good, Kailea in her dolphin fabric hat and her friend in an “aloha shirt” fabric hat. In total, I’ve made a dozen.

The guild isn’t going to make this a project for everyone at this time, because the feed-back from LGH about receiving home-made scrub hats was not positive. Meanwhile, my daughter said that she was happy to get them.

From Linda D … Last Christmas my husband asked me what I’d like for a gift. I hummed and hawed and thought long and hard. Finally I told him “I’d like something gold, shiny, and that would make me think of him every time I looked at it.”

True to form, this is what I got … a box of gold quilting safety pins. And yes, I use them a lot and laugh a little every time I hold them in my hand! (You get what you wish for!!!)

From Moira … Here are two quilts I completed while in Palm Springs (fronts and backs).

From Diane … Remember the half square triangle demo in November? Well, here’s how I’m using all the demo pieces. Plus, yet another QAYG (Quilt As You Go) quilt … a real puzzle figuring out how to piece all the odd shaped blocks together.

From Marianne … finally finished the bag.


Lastly, a timelapse video to mark the season. The lovely iris.

Bloom where you’re planted.

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  1. The above projects are beautiful. Keep it up, ladies! Marianne, what a colourful bag.

  2. Some members might be interested in this if they haven’t seen it yet. “Love and Hugs Australia”. It’s on Facebook. About 15 designers are posting free projects each day. Mostly stitching and appliqué I believe.

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