Staying Connected #2

Some of us are using our stay-at-home time to quilt more. Others are quilting less, some not at all, as we deal in our own ways with current circumstances.

For those interested, here is an online show and tell of what some members have been working on recently.

From Anne W … unicorn wall hanging from the Floral Fabric Collage Workshop held in February.

From Anne W … entry in the CQA’s Trend Tex Challenge.

From Sonia … These three bags are for Community Quilts. Anne R donated the fabulous fabric and the bags are stunning!

From Sonia … CQA’s 52 blocks: an on-going project – should I do more??

From Sonia … St. Patrick’s Day door hangings that I made for each of my children.

From SoniaI have finally finished the top of this Bouillabaisse quilt. It’s a long story

It was a UFO from a friend given to me at least 7 or 8 years ago.

I placed the pattern on the freebie table because it seemed like a time-consuming project, one that I was not prepared to start.

The pattern came back to me at a Christmas luncheon a couple of years ago in a Secret Santa bag!!

It was then placed back into my UFO box with the strips of fabric and the few blocks that originally came with it. There it stayed until just recently when I was rummaging in the UFO box looking for items to place on our freebie table.

At the time, I also needed a project to work on, so I used a number of the strips to make four grocery bags, not realising that the strips were cut, sorted and colour coordinated specifically for this quilt.

When it dawned on me what I had done, I could not give the grocery bags to Community Quilts as originally planned in case I had to undo them to complete the quilt.

But, being a quilter used to working with small scraps, I managed to join the little strips that were left over to complete the quilt.

I must say that it’s a great stash buster and a very colourful quilt.

Anne R’s quilt … About three months ago, one of my daughters arrived with a large bag full of bedding and requested a quilt made from the fabric, which was all washed, but not ironed! It was the bedding from her son’s cot, and I agreed that sometime I’d do it

Later, I cut out all the larger pieces (no unpicking) and rewashed and ironed everything. The stripe was from the skirting, the blue from the bed base, and the other two greens from the mattress cover. There was a surprising amount of fabric, and it went together fairly quickly.

I quilted it very simply and used the stripe for the binding.

The cotton was in very good condition and very tough, especially the stripe, which I found out when I was hand sewing the binding down!

My daughter is thrilled with the quilt, and by the way, her son (my grandson) is now 16 years old!

Lastly, from Judy S, here is a happy little video from the Turtle Valley Donkey Refuge, near Chase, BC, a most beautiful and inspiring place. “There is nothing more rewarding than fencing an area for the donkey’s pasture and then watching them all go out to eat for the first time. Pure happiness for both the two legged and four legged residents at the Donkey Refuge.”

Maybe we’ll have some of this “donkey joy” when self-isolating eventually ends!

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  1. Looking forward to “Donkey Joy”! Some awesome projects underway. Good luck to TrendTexers. Do we have any more? It is a really fun challenge from CQA.

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