Travels with Diane – A Quilter in Paris

Diane has been exploring Paris, and, of course, exploring the fabric scene there as well.  Here’s a taste of what a quilter can find in France’s City of Light …

My husband thought we were going to Sacre-Coeur for the afternoon.  We did walk around, and I did a sketch — but my main goal was to hit the fabric stores that are right near the bottom of the steps.

SQG Paris 2018 dm5

Three big stores are in that area.  Two are real discount places and the third is a little more organized, and the prices are still very good.  I bought material for a couple of skirts and then sent an email to my daughter with a photo of some great kids’ material.  She liked it, so luckily I had to go back there again today.

If you are in Paris, be sure to take a look in the area.  Took me 2 hours to get out of the area and go find lunch – late lunch at 4 pm!  Diane