Marianne Haak Workshop – Playing with Colour & Technique

Colour Shot by Marianne Haak
Colour Shot by Marianne Haak

Marianne Haak led her Colour Shot Quilt-As You-Go Workshop for our guild in September.  Over two days, we learned the construction secrets behind her Colour Shot quilt.  She taught us several techniques for making the blocks.  The blocks are sandwiched and quilted individually, and we learned how to join them together afterwards.

It was great fun building our blocks in a more free-wheeling way.  The smaller, block-sized quilt sandwiches were so much easier to turn and manoeuvre through our sewing machines, giving us lots of opportunity to play with our machine quilting designs.

Marianne inspired us to explore new ways of making quilts.  She encouraged us to to let our quilts evolve as we make them, to enjoy the creative process, and to embrace the mystery of what they will look like when we make that final stitch.

Many thanks to our hard-working Program Committee for orchestrating this enjoyable workshop with such a talented quilter.

Marianne has a blog packed with photos, information and tutorials.  You can find it here.