Susan Purney Mark – Working with Angles

Susan Purney MarkSusan Purney Mark started off the fall quilting season for us with her presentation called “Accent on Angles – Easy Strip Set Quilts.”  She started quilting in the 70’s, making her first quilts with cardboard templates and hand piecing.  Later, she turned her passion for quilting into a career as an author, pattern designer, teacher, and artist.  She has a website and a blog.

Susan Purney MarkSusan showed us how strip sets and angled cuts can be used to create a variety of intriguing and dramatic designs.  Her trunk show illustrated how her techniques have evolved over the years. She likes to be challenged and to push the envelope, and her newest pieces illustrate how she is still coming up with new ways to work with fabric.

Susan is an entertaining speaker who gave us many new ideas.  She also passed on some of her quilt wisdom … every piece is a learning piece; use up your fabric – there’ll be more; pay attention to contrast.  She told us she has especially enjoyed all the people she has met and learned from on her quilt journey.

Here are some of Susan’s quilts.