Krista Hennebury Workshop – A Recipe for Modern

Temperature Check
Temperature Check

Choose your colour ingredients.  Use a few traditional techniques.  Add lots of innovative cutting and improvised piecing.  Spice it up with your own creativity, and you have a recipe for a modern quilt.

Krista’s workshop, “Improv Under the Influence,” was a lot of fun.  We learned how to make a quilt that Krista designed and called “Temperature Check.”  

Our work tables were covered with fabrics in groups of warm and cool colours.

Krista Hennebury Workshop

Krista showed us some different ways to rotary cut and piece, and she had suggestions for adding “pop” and what I call “whimsy” to our quilts.  She encouraged us to enjoy the freedom of designing “on the go” and to welcome irregularities into the process.

In the photo on the right you can see how Anne introduced a pop of colour and interest by adding small amounts of a blue print.

Detail - Krista's Machine Quilting
Detail – Krista’s Machine Quilting

Krista also had some suggestions for finishing your quilt:

  • create your own pathways for machine quilting over the quilt surface
  • use 30 weight or 40 weight thread and a longer stitch length
  • consider different colours of quilting thread on the same top
  • make a facing for your quilt as an alternative to traditional binding.

It was a great day learning how to make a little quilt that packs a whole lot of interest and it was a fun introduction to modern quilting.

Guaranteed – every quilt from this workshop will be unique!

Visit Krista Hennebury’s website for more about “Temperature Check.”

See Terry Aske’s tutorial for making quilt facings.

Visit Stacey Day’s website.  Stacey was at this workshop and will be a guest speaker in 2016.