Quilting in Alaska

Abby's Reflection Apparel & Quiltworks
Abby’s Reflection Apparel & Quiltworks in Sitka, Alaska

Moira S. visited a quilt shop and attended a quilt show in Sitka, Alaska recently, when she was returning from Japan on a cruise ship.  Sitka is a city of about 9,000 people located on Baranof Island on the outer coast of Alaska’s panhandle.

With some time ashore, Moira discovered the Ocean Waves Quilt Guild Annual Show in the Harrigan Centennial Hall, which is located right where tourists get off the tender from the ship.  She also visited an excellent quilt shop in Sitka called Abby’s Reflection Apparel & Quiltworks.

What a lovely opportunity to learn about another quilting community.  Thanks for this story and the photos, Moira.