Lorna Moffat Workshop – Silk Unraveled

Marilyn C

On April 23rd several of our members attended our “Silk Unraveled” workshop with Lorna Moffat.  Lorna shared some of her favourite techniques for building a background or for embellishment.

We were encouraged to layer threads and bits of fabrics onto a larger pieces of fabric. We were encouraged to let go and play!  Many of us were drawn to the limits of our comfort zones but we all had fun.

Lorna is the author of the book “Silk Unravelled” in which there are many examples of these techniques.

Thank you Lorna, it was fun, informative, and expanding!

From Anne W about this workshop …

“This was a very creative workshop where Lorna presented us with a lot of food for thought.  We had to try to think outside of the box while learning to layer fabric upon fabric upon fabric, as well as layering these with embellishments, like threads, yarns, small fabric pieces etc. We all had wonderful fun, felt quite challenged, and found Lorna to be a very fun,  talented, and inspiring teacher. The day simply flew by.”

Anne’s photos from this workshop …